"Welcome 2 Sunnydale" is the passion project of uber-fan Liesl Koehler and sometimes comedian Joshua Harvey. All of the opinions on this podcast are completely true and undeniably right. Don't even act like you can argue because we'll just prove you wrong. Deal with it.

Each week the hosts break down a new episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer with as much love, dedication, and earnestness as a blood-sucking creature of the night chomps into the arteries of her/his prey.



About Your Hosts

Liesl Koehler

Liesl is a devout Buffy fan and has an almost creepy well of knowledge when it comes to the Slayer from Sunnydale. She originally started the podcast Welcome To Sunnydale  before creating the sequel that you're looking at right now.

Liesl enjoys long naps on the couch and gigantic burritos that she wolfs down like a monster.

Joshua Harvey

Joshua is a gross kid from the city who dabbles in both standup and sketch comedy. If you want more of this ridiculous person, check out the podcast Meat Cute for a weekly dose of interesting conversation and inappropriate discourse.