Welcome to "Welcome 2 Sunnydale"

You make be thinking, "wait, don't I already subscribe to a podcast called 'Welcome To Sunnydale?'"

Maybe you do, but that podcast is no more. The previous co-host has parted ways with his co-founder Liesl Koehler, and with him the keys to the kingdom. Luckily, Liesl knows a thing or two about branding and now you have the spiritual sequel to that podcast: "WELCOME 2 SUNNYDALE."  Get it?

Instead of starting all over again, Liesl decided to just pick up where she left off, this time with a new host - and a different approach. She's the Buffy fanatic, Joshua Harvey stands in as the BTVS newbie. 

It's a whole new era for the podcast. Hope you enjoy the ride. Expect blood, fangs, and bad puns. 

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